Фотографии, которые выглядят очень реально, пока вы не посмотрите во второй раз (62 снимка + бонус)

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white ball + white ball (let loop… at least twice) I realize this is coming in later than my usual posting time, so I hope nobody was waiting around. Apologies, if so. I want to say this was a labor of love, but to be honest, it was more like a labor of hate, sweat and the heebie-jeebies. Mostly because of the whole crawling around in roach infested sewers part of the project. And to be accurate, it wasn’t a sewer, it was a storm drain… a seriously roach infested storm drain. I had to reshoot it three times, on three different occasions, which just meant extra “Stephen and the roaches time”. Sadly I never made friends with the roaches. I guess it was a friendship that was never meant to be. Then there was some accompanying physical pain from staying in a constant hunched position on the putting green… where old men constantly asked what I was up to. They thought I had some special putting technique that I was attempting to master and then I had to disappoint them with the truth. I never even brought up the roaches. And now is when I’d normally complain about a bunch of the other stuff, but I’m gonna keep it positive and acknowledge the fact that I sank that putt. That and it’s time for this nightmare inducing #combophoto to sail. And a big thank you to @heffe_cashman for the use of his putter… and ball. #shotoniphone

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